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General Characteristics

The aesthetics of Orange are based on a kitchen design which is modern and dynamic with clean lines and a no fuss handle less look.

In terms of materials, Orange employs ecologic wood taken from sources certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which sets the correct balance between cut trees and new trees. The varnishing process based exclusively on water based products which drastically reduce the synthetic solvents and totally eliminate the aromatic solvents, being considered highly cancerous. Above all, it employs a new low emission panel made of wooden particles and 19 mm thick, having an extremely low formaldehyde emission (less than half compared to the E1 European standard).

Snaidero have created in conjunction with companies like Apple a built in multimedia docking station for your Ipod and other functional items like a coffee machine made specifically for Snaidero to fit perfectly into the back panel of the Orange kitchen.

All the lighting that is included with Orange is LED. These lamps provide lower energy consumption, and are high performing when transforming electricity into light.

The technical make up of the units with Orange allows the end user a very wide choice of options. For example the wall units can be made to ceiling height or the tall units can be made with extra depth to allow for extra storage. Orange allows you to have a kitchen that is bespoke, beautiful and at a cost that will surprise.

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