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General Characteristics

The Kube kitchen expresses refined style, with simple lines and great practicality and functionality, based on the interplay of volume and space and the sophisticated balance of work units with their different functions.

The distinguishing features of Kube are its horizontal and vertical lines, with striking contrasting shapes, materials and colours, which convey a feeling of sturdiness and duration, as well as a simple and immediately identifiable style.

Visually, Kube appears suspended above the floor, thanks to a plinth in aluminium finish in reflecting mirror. Its slim 2cm worktop adds a "concealed" optical effect, while extra thick functional work units stand out.

The choice of WHITE and WOOD emphasises its clear-cut lines, while the warm appeal of Elm enhances the professional aspect of the work unit. The wood employed is "technical" in its lines and colours, highlighted by its many veins. The features of wood grains extend and blend for a homogenous and subtle colour, creating a suffused and warm effect.

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