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General Characteristics

Florence by Snaidero is inspired by the aesthetic appeal, the elegance and the traditions of the CLASSIC ITALIAN RENAISSANCE, expressing the qualities of security, prestige and innovative design, while retaining the lightness and the sensations offered by a top-design product.

Florence is not a group of antique furniture, but rather a cultural tradition from the historical period that is our guiding light in architecture (the architects Lucci & Orlandini have been particularly inspired by Jacopo Barozzi, called "il Vignola").

The dignity and genuineness of Florence derive from having followed the architectural traditions of the Renaissance with its characteristic elements and rules (symmetries, well- balanced units and aligned elements). All the functional elements such as handles, doors and worktops exactly recall classic symbols.

With important design details such as capitals, columns and cornices, Florence is a distinct microdesign furnishing element.

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