Europe, North American, Asia the Middle east and Eastern European countries are just some of the markets where Snaidero has been operating in the Contract field, becoming a a reliable partner for clients worldwide from every point of view.

Snaidero Worldwide

Here are just some of many achievements around the world which have been completed using Snaidero products.


At a certain point of its history, it was a natural evolution for Snaidero, the largest Italian kitchen exporter in the world, to make its way into the contract markets.

In the early 1990s, after having covered all relevant markets with more than 300 points of sale in the retail sector in Europe, Russia, North America, the Far and Middle East and establishing strong presence in more than 60 countries, Snaidero began to explore the contract sector.

In those years a new wave was hitting the building sector in South Florida, USA with a special concentration on the high rise, luxury residential buildings. Snaidero was chosen to represent, through its exclusive models, the essence of the Made in Italy design inside several of the lavish residential units. Beginning in 1992 Snaidero worked directly with a number of developers to bring customised kitchen designs to a host of new luxury multi housing projects including Casagrand Villa, on Ocenea Drive in Miami, soon followed by Bristol Tower and Santa Maria in downtown Miami (1993-1995), The Gables (1995) in Coral Gables and Portovito (1995-1997) in Aventurea. It was the start of a trend: from this point until our days, the kitchens in many of the top residential projects not only in South florida but also in Las Vegas (Turnberry Place and Towers, 2005) just to name a few, were carrying the prestigious signature of the Snaidero brand.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, the builders of the Near East were getting the same inspiration as those in the USA: to enhance the value of a flat by choosing and installing a Snaidero kitchen. This strategy, applicable to all countries where flats are usually sold to the final customers already fitted with a kitchen, is based on the correct assumption that the kitchen is often the first item that the potential buyer of the flat will take into consideration when purchasing property. A kitchen that is not only nice and well designed, but also carries a distinctive image and brand such as the Snaidero will immediately highlight the charm and luxury to increase the marketability of a high-level apartment. Nassim Jade in Singapore, Shirogane in Japan, Las Pinacas in Hong Kong, Chung LIm in South Korea, Kartal Konutlari in Turkey were the first projects outside of the USA to be delivered in 1996. Soon after, additional projects followed, including Scotts Road (Singapore - 1998), Farm Road (Hong Kong - 1998), Millennium and Chereville (South Korea - 2002) only to name a few of them. Each development encompassed hundreds of units, all of which were serviced by Snaidero.

In response to a ccontinously increasing flow of requests, Snaidero decided in 1999 to set up, within it's structure, a dedicated Contract Division, specifically aimed to provide direct customer service to this market, which has its specific needs such as terms of flexibility for both products and service, delivery timing and pre and after sale service.

Today the Snaidero Contract division is active and present in virtually every part of the world, including North America, Europe, (among others the Canary Riverside Project, London 1999/2000 and La Trinidad in Marbella, Spain), the Near, Middle and Far East. Over the years the division has customised and developed the proper set-up to appropriately serve any request coming from this very particular market segment.

Snaidero's luxurious design models can be found today in countless of the most prestigious projects developed in the last 15 years: Snaidero has undoubtably become a mark of high quality level that characterizes the most renowned residential project developments throughout the world.